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Sewer Line Camera Inspections & Water Jetting Services In Queens, NY

Rely on Ranshaw for Sewer Line Camera Inspections & Water Jetting Done Right

Repeated drain clogs can be difficult to pinpoint. If you're facing this issue in your home, despite regular snaking and cabling efforts, it might be time to consult a plumber specializing in sewer line camera inspections and water jetting to determine and resolve the underlying cause of your ongoing drain problems.

With over six decades of experience serving Queens, Ranshaw Plumbing & Heating has encountered and resolved every plumbing challenge. Our team of licensed professionals consistently delivers reliable and transparent services. Our 4.8-star rating on Google attests to our commitment to excellence. Let us help restore the flow to your drains.

Unlike other Queens plumbing companies, we give you:

  • Reliable scheduling,

    with on-time arrival

  • Honest flat-rate pricing,

    with no hidden fees

  • 60+ years of experience,

    with hundreds of 5-star reviews

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What’s Included in Your Sewer Line Camera Inspection & Water Jetting Service?

  1. Comprehensive Sewer Line Camera Inspection

    When you notice frequent drain clogs at multiple drains, it often means there's an issue with your sewer line. Ranshaw plumbers use specialized equipment to inspect the interior of your waste pipes. Running a camera through every inch of the line, we inspect and report any areas with clogs or obstructions and create a cleaning and repair plan. If there are no breaks in your pipe, we can usually proceed with a cleaning service to break up whatever is blocking your pipes.

  2. Water Jetting Service to Remove Clogs

    Using high-powered water jetting, we break up clogs and flush whatever might be blocking your sewer line. Some of the most common issues that can cause a clog include:

    • Tree roots
    • Hygiene products
    • Food particles
    • Oils and fats

    Thick conditioners, body lotions, and food waste can create a thick, sticky mass that's difficult to shift with a pipe snake or plunger. These clogs can move lower into the line, blocking underground flow, and making water jetting your best bet for smooth wastewater flow.

  3. Industry Leading Service Guarantees

    We guarantee punctual arrival for your service appointment and offer a clear, upfront estimate for our sewer camera and water jetting services, ensuring no surprises on your bill. Our friendly plumbers always provide meticulous service and clean up when they're done. You can expect:

    • Detailed onsite consultations addressing all potential plumbing issues.
    • 100% satisfaction with our work, guaranteed.


Cost for Sewer Line Camera Inspection & Water Jetting in Queens

The camera inspection and water jetting service cost can vary in Queens. Some of the factors that impact the final price include:

  • The scope of the blockage. The price for a camera inspection remains relatively stable, regardless of the clog size. However, the cost of water jetting services may vary. Larger blockages require more time to dislodge and break apart. Therefore, it is advisable to schedule water jetting services before your drains become completely obstructed.
  • How your waste lines are situated. The more bends in your waste lines versus straight runs, the more time it will take to run the camera and water jetter through.
  • Obstructions. In some cases, obstructions can block the camera from passing through the line, preventing the plumber from getting a complete view. One common example of this is back-pitched lines filled with sludge – when this happens, the water jetter needs to clear the obstruction first so the camera can continue scanning the line.

How Scheduling Works

Scheduling Your Sewer Line Camera Inspections & Water Jetting Service works like this:

  1. Give us a call or schedule online.

    Get on the schedule for your next service by calling (718) 767-0707 or using our online request form. For immediate assistance, especially in emergencies with blocked drains, calling is the fastest way to reach us.

  2. Get a Guaranteed Estimate.

    Our drain experts will assess your home, identify potential problems, and suggest inspection and repair options. Before we start, you'll receive a detailed estimate covering all the agreed-upon services and their costs. Sewer line camera inspections and water jetting typically take 1-3 hours, allowing for the possibility of completing the service in one day after you approve the estimate.

  3. Friendly and timely service.

    On the day of your appointment, we'll call you 20-30 minutes before arrival to confirm. Our team comes equipped with all the necessary tools to perform the agreed-upon services. We ensure the job is done efficiently and clean up afterward, leaving your drains functioning properly.

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