Why Signing Up for Automated Delivery is a Smart Idea

fuel oil delivery-01We keep track of so many things in our busy lives.  Managing heating oil for your home or business doesn’t need to be one of them.  By enrolling in our FREE Automated Metered Delivery service, you’ll keep warm all winter without the worry of running out of fuel oil, or the hassle of scheduling a delivery.

If you’re an Automated Metered Delivery customer, we know when it’s time to fill your tank.  We use a sophisticated monitoring system to keep track of your fuel usage and the weather forecasts. With this information we are able to predict future fuel usage and ensure you don’t run out of fuel.

Benefits of Automatic Delivery:

Worry Free 

You never need to keep track of how much fuel you have left or running out of fuel.

Hassle Free 

No calling to schedule your next oil delivery. Deliveries conveniently take place automatically.

No Additional Fees

Just the price per gallon and how much you receive.