Top 5 Reasons To Consider a Maintenance Plan for Your Heating System

Boiler RepairTo maintain comfort in your home all year long, preventative maintenance for your heating system is key. There is nothing worse than having no heat when it is needed most. Especially in the case of a home’s heating system, the failure of doing appropriate service work could result in extremely uncomfortable moments for your family and your wallet.
Here are the top 5 factors for investing in a maintenance plan for your heating system.

Avoid untimely breakdowns

Emergencies always happen at the worst time. In the case of your furnace or heat pump, it’s not going to give you fair warning or wait until it’s convenient for you when it does break down. Why wait until the pilot light won’t go on? Emergency repairs are inconvenient and can be quite costly. Having an annual maintenance plan helps you avoid these emergencies by finding (and fixing) smaller issues before they get bigger and eventually take the system down.

Save money on energy bills

Your heating system might be quietly costing you big bucks, despite any clear signals that there is something wrong with it.  Make sure your system is running efficiently with regular preventive maintenance and save money each month with lower heating bills.

Discounts on Repairs

At Ranshaw Plumbing and Heating, customers on an annual maintenance plan receive significant discounts on parts and repairs.

VIP Priority Service

If your system happens to go down during a bad time…usually when temperatures are low and heat is needed most, no worries. Your annual maintenance agreement with Ranshaw entitles you to VIP treatment. Priority scheduling

Peace of Mind

You can rest assured that your equipment is being well taken care of, running efficiently, and will last you a long time.  It’s like regular oil changes on your car. You wouldn’t dare skip those, would you?